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Part One Vocabulary

1. This is compelling evidence that market l商务英语翻译等级考试辅导题iberalization is __________ a wide range of economic, social and political preferences.

A) compatible with B)necessary to C) important to D ) associated with

2. In addition to visible trade, which involves the importing and exporting of __________ , there is also invisible trade, which involves the exchange of services between nations.

A) income gains B)profit taxes C) income distributions D) tangible goods

3. We consider it __________that we should open our door to the outside world.

A)completely important B) absolutely necessary

C) special preference D)entrepreneurial spirit

4. It doesn?t __________ whether he attends the meeting or not.C.

A) make much important B) contact with C) make much difference D) cash purchase

5. Other suppliers are offering us very favorable terms, even they ask for __________ .

A) equal opportunities B) a high down payment C) buying offer D) a sales contract

6. They are __________ , but we can learn something about them from their background what questions they will ask.

A) canny negotiators B)managerial leaders C) important entrepreneurs D) business men

7. Today business has a more __________ , which is the production , distribution , and sale of goods and service for a profit.

A) tender documents B)special evaluation C) technical definition D) trade combination

8. Logistics functions used to be considered unavoidable cost to a company , but today they are recognized as crucial to a company?s__________ .

A) competitiveness and profitability B)exclusive right

C)cultural awareness D) new ideas and concepts

9. According to some researchers, the failure of enterprise directors _________ their lack of market research.

A)is supplied to B)is possible to C) is access to D)is attributed to

10. We are prepared to allow you a 15% __________ if your order exceeds 1,000 cartons.

A) taxes and duties B)conventional profit C) quantity discount D) profitable offer

11. No matter how high his __________and interest in work, he is to be rejected if he fails to meet the moral standard of the company.

A) excellent ethics B)industrial knowledge C) behavior deed D) professional standard

12. All the activities of both parties shall comply with the __________.

A) contractual stipulations B)perceptual regulations C) directional rules D) statement orders

13. We must make a __________ of the current economic problems before they can be properly solved.

A) information application B) communications technology

C) comprehensive analysis D) technological reference

14. After years? __________ ,he an express himself when promoting products.

A) credit agency B) marketing practice C) financing borrowing D) building relationship

15. The __________is needed by managerial decision makers to help them plan and control the activities of the economic entity.

A)financial information B) logistics activity C) combined transport D) account balance

Part Two translation choice


You know that some countries are selling this kind of products -------------.

A) at cheap prices in large quantity B)in low prices on big quantity

C) at actually lowering their prices D)on a large number of bargains


To make it easier for us to get the goods ready for shipment, we hope that ---------.

A)shipping our goods in patches is promised

B)B)delivering the goods in batches is expected

C)partial shipment is allowed D)partial delivery is permitted


We --------- that when we return our purchase we don?t get any funny looks from the clerks.

A) would always buy the makeup in the department store with free return.

B) always bought our cosmetic at a store with a liberal return policy.

C) ?d like to buy our cosmetic goods at free-return store.

D) always bought our cosmetic at a store in which we can return them.


China Export Commodities Fair is an important -------------.

A) base and stage to cultivate a foreign trade member

B)base and platform that cultivate foreign trade salesman

C)base or platform for new merchandisers D)place for training export business dealers.


--------------- in the past few years.

A) China?s house prices increased nationwide

B) There was a nationwide estate price rising in China

C) The housing price rose nationwide in China

D) China had a nationwide rise on housing price


During the decline of the stock market, -----------.

A) someone made a lot of money in time of troubles

B) some people earned good money in disturbances

C) some people fished in trouble waters and made big money

D) someone acquired big profit in muddied waters


A) We must know something in time about the development of economy.

B) We must keep ourselves informed about current economic trends.

C) Information of the economic development must be kept for us.

D) Orientation of current economy must be aware of by us.


A) Now the marked pri第一文库网ce is 1.5 times as much as the original one.

B) The current marked price is 1.5 times as high as the original.

C) The price on the tag is half as much again as the previously marked price.

D) The current price is 150 percent as high as the original.


A) From Jan. to Sep. the total export value growth rate of our country was 8 percent.

B) The growth rate of the export value of China was 8 percent in the first nine months of this year.

C) In the first three quarters of this year, the growth of the export value of China was 8 percent.

D) In the past nine months of the year, China?s volume of export has increased by 8 percent.


A company which can list in three years ----------.

A) would be called a phenomenon B) can be considered as a great one

C) would be seen as a excellent one D) should be thought of a greatness

26、It is not surprising, then, that the world saw a return to a floating exchange rate system. Central banks were no longer required to support their own currencies.

-------------------- 各国中央银行也就能无须维持本币的`汇价了。





27、Assuming the laboratory tests go well, and you can quote us a competitive price, we would certainly be able to place more substantial orders on a regular basis.






28、Chinese researchers have made a breakthrough in developing new materials for nickel-hydrogen batteries used in low temperatures, Inhaul reported.






29、Since the initiation of economic reforms in the late 1970s, China has achieved impressive economic growth coupled with significant structural transformation.






30、This Convention does not prevail over any international agreement which has already been or may be entered into and which contains provisions concerning the matters governed by this Convention.






Part three Translating in Reading Comprehension

A copyright is the legal recognition of the special “property” of an author?s work.

Copyright protection is available for almost all writings-books, short stories, magazine articles, newspaper columns, poetry, plays, screenplays, and songs. Both fictional and non-fictional works are covered, and copyright protection is even available for such writings as an index, a master?s thesis, a map, even an original directory, such as the phone book, or a name and address guide to vegetarian restaurants. That is, if you have an idea for an article about nuclear-powered musical instruments of the future, you can?t obtain protection for your concept. Anyone can use your ideas, and copyright and publish his or her own article about nuclear-powered musical instruments of the future.

However, if somebody else wants to write an article dealing with the same subject or ideas of your copyright article, that second somebody had better not lift sentences or paragraphs from your article, and had better not even paraphrase your article, or parts of it, because that would be copyright infringement.

“ Words and short phrases” are not protected by copyright. A catchy slogan, a clever word-if you are using these in business as a brand name for a product, or as the name of your musical group or other business as a brand name for a product, or as the name of your musical group or other business, protection for the single word or short slogan may be available under the trademark laws, but not the copyright laws.

What else is not protected? Lists of ingredients are not, hence, the major part of most recipes. because your article or book as a whole presumably contain more text than a string of ingredients, affording you a basis for copyright protection.

The name principle applies to chemical formulae, and to math problem. Copyright law won?t allow these to be removed from the “public domain”, so an individual6 equation, such as E=mc, even if developed today the new copyright act, would not be protected under the copyright laws. However, your math book or chemistry text would contain far more a string of formulae or equations, and would, as a whole be protected.

Computer programs- software- is an area where copyright laws are up in the air. Right now, software is not adequately protected under the copyright laws. But this situation may soon change. However, depending on the circumstances, protection is sometimes available under the “ common law” of unfair competition and trade secrets.

The Copyright Office does not make an examination of the substance of your work, because

what you are keeping from the public domain is your way of expressing a concept, which concept anyone is entitled to use in his or her own word.domain work and you find yourself holding a certificate of copyright registration nonetheless, an “infringer” you seek to sue over the matter can raise a public domain defense, despite your registration.

Now, what about “fair use”? Fair use, as defined by Marybeth Peters, senior attorney/advisor to the Copyright Office, “allows copying without permission from or payment to , the copyright owner where the use is reasonable and not harmful to the rights of the copyright owner”. However , what is “reasonable” and “not harmful” is not necessary determined by your personal beliefs.

Part Four Translation

Section A

Compared with January, the sales volume of cars of our country in February declined obviously, which is caused by a much satisfactory release of the need of the automotive market in January and some customers are waiting for new styles of cars with cash in their hands.

The sales volume in February reached 344,550, a deduction of 17.8 percent , compared with January, while an increase of 61.64 percent over the same period of last year. Among which, the sales volume of basic cars in February reached 234,900, a reduction of 20.5 percent over January and increase of 75.73 percent over the same period of last year; the sales volume of MPV reached 11,900 , a reduction of 8.29 percent over January and increase of 75.84 percent over the same period of last year; the sales volume of SUV reached 14,200 , a reduction of 5.42 percent over January and an increase of 70.66 percent over the same period of last year.

The sales of cars totaled 763,600 form January to February , an increase of 67.61 percent over the same period of last year , among which , the sales volume of basic cars reached 530,400 , an increase of 85.83 percent over the same period of last year ; the sales volume of MPV reached 25,000, and increase of 78.32 percent over the same period of last year ; and the sales volume of SUV reached 29,100, an increase of 42.9 percent over the same period of last year.

Section B

“如果你只是开了家路边夫妻店或大排档,就不需要企业文化,只要夫妻不吵架,把菜炒熟即可。但如果你开的是大排档连锁店,有几十个营业点,上千名员工,就不能不思考企业文化了。” 这是明基集团对企业文化最形象的描述。

明基的企业文化也不是一蹴而就的,明基集团全球副总裁洪宜幸称,明基有很多不同国籍、不同语言、不同文化背景、不同饮食习惯的员工在一起工作,只有通过企业文化才能将他们真正融合到一起。于是, 明基用了5年时间,实现人力资源的E化管理,将更多的时间和精力花在企业文化的建设上。

明基一心培养“平实务本,追求卓越,关怀社会”的企业文化。但洪宜幸称:“在企业, 就要在商言商,培训就是要帮助企业赚更多的钱。” 企业建立企业文化的主要目的也无外乎节约成本、创造利润。








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